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Filipino Students in Solidarity with Palestinian struggle for National Sovereignty, Land, and Rights

AN EDUCATIONAL DISCUSSION    on the current situation of the US-Israeli Occupation of Palestine and its connections to the so called “War on Terror” in the Philippines. Monday March 2nd 7-9pm SFSU Burk Hall 252 Mabuhay Ang Palestina! For more info  please contact:

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What the people can and must do about the financial and economic crisis

We must counter the onesided, narrow, fragmentary and shortsighted explanations of the crisis in the US and on a global scale. These have been made by the industrial and financial magnates, their political agents, their academics and publicists in order to obfuscate the origin and development of the crisis, to continue the misrepresentation of monopoly capitalism as “free market” capitalism, to continue making the most out of the mess in the system of greed and to confound and confuse the people Continue reading

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BalikSamBayanan 06′ Conclusion

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