J.U.F.R.A.N. 09 Internship Program




Jufran is wonderful!

How can you live without it?

The LFS is like Jufran.


The Reason why the League of Filipino Students rock:  We  Journey to Understand Forgotten Reasons to Act Now (J.U.F.R.A.N)



We discover and learn from issues affecting the Filipino communities here in the Bay Area and the rest of the United States as well as back home in the Philippines.

We go through transformative education, learning outside the typical lecture style classroom setting.  

What we get out of J.U.F.R.A.N.

  • Kasamas:  Friends who have your back and are willing to laugh and grow with you while helping you learn from your mistakes
  • Collectivizing:  Sharing kultural talents, meals, stories, laughters and tears.  Staying accountable to each other.
  • Mad Skills:  Learn how to organize, facilitate, note take, time manage, plan and teach lessons
  • Field Trips:  Integration with local communties
  • Credits:  Earn 3 units in upper-division Asian American Studies and/or exemption from various assignments in currently enrolled AAS courses.
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