LFS- SFSU just wanted to give mad props to our kasamas with Pinay Sa Seattle for taking lead on this collective gift for GABRIELA’s 25th Anniversary. The quilt is a beautiful tribute to the work being done back in our Homeland. Sulong GABRIELA!


The gift we built for GABRIELA’s 25th Anniversary during the founding of GAB-USA is…

thank you to all who worked on this in big and small ways from donating fabric and clothes and purses…. to cutting to sewing to writing to drawing….and it is on the way to the Philippines with Tita Emi…

It is truly beautiful.. and represents metaphorically who we are… matching and mismatching pieces of stories and hope for truth and action, large and small voices and talents… all giving, all trying…..

In fierce love and abundant light,
Luzviminda “Lulu” Carpenter
Pinay sa Seattle, Secretary General
temp rep for BAYAN-USA/GAB-USA Queer Caucus


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