Happy Birthday FiRE- NYC!!!

Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment- New York City


Statement of Solidarity from LFS- SFSU on the Occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of the Founding of Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment- NYC

April 14, 2009

The League of Filipino Students- San Francisco State University Chapter would like to express our most heartfelt solidarity and congratulations to Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment- NYC on the 2nd Anniversary of their founding. Its establishment and continued work to organize Filipinas in the New York City area is a testament to the rich and revolutionary history of our movement, as well as the determination of its members to address the root problems of Filipinas in the Homeland and the Belly of the Beast.

As members of BAYAN-USA, we recognize our role in the U.S. is to link the concrete issues of our local constituents to the basic problems of the Philippines. Though we are thousands of miles apart and work with different sectors of the community, we know the problems we address are very much linked together. We were proud to build with our dynamic sisters from FiRE-NYC during the recent 3rd BAYAN-USA Congress and hope to continue to strengthen our unity for years to come.

We would also like to congratulate FiRE- NYC for its role in the founding of the 1st overseas chapter of GABRIELA-Philippines. It was a historic moment for the advancement of National Democracy and the eventual downfall of the many problems that plague our people, especially patriarchy and heterosexism. With the member organizations of GABRIELA-USA, we hope to address the unique issues Filipina students face in higher education.

The organizing work FiRE- NYC does on the day-to-day is indispensable to the people its serves, as well as the National Democratic movement worldwide. The liberation of women from the clutches of patriarchy and feudal practices is what all sectors of society should be fighting for. We are proud to march side-by-side, our fists raised up high, with FiRE- NYC as we look forward to future achievements and struggles we will face until true freedom and democracy is achieved for our people.



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1 Response to Happy Birthday FiRE- NYC!!!

  1. KaIrma says:

    OMG! Love you so much kasamas! Doing hella body rolls and sending so much love and golden FiRE to the west coast! Maraming Salamat for this beautiful statement!


    FIST UP!

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