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Every Spring, LFS has a peer mentorship program called “JUFRAN“, which stands for Journey to Understand Forgotten Reasons to Act Now. This semester-long program helps integrate interns into the different issues, politics, and community work that LFS is involved in. Interns meet every week for a workshop/ educational discussion, go on field trips, and have kick-its with each other and other LFS members. All of this culminates into a final project that the interns work on as a group.

This year, LFS have an awesome group of 10 ‘JUFRANians’. Every week, they are required to write a journal entry about what they learned in the previous workshop and to share something creative with the rest of the group. LFS is so proud of the creativity that’s been coming out of this year’s batch, that we want to share it with all of you. Eventually, we hope to post one journal from each JUFRANian. We hope you enjoy!

The following entry is from JUFRANian (and newest member of LFS) Kristina Nagales. It comes after last week’s workshop which focused on Imperialism and Globalization.

“Bag Lady”

Throughout this entire ED my family was constantly on my mind. Imperialism+Globalization does equal bad. It breaks my heart to think of how my loved ones are struggling in the Philippines. My own blood must question if they’re going to make it through a single day, week, and month. My dad’s side lives in the Bicol and right now things in this area are not good, especially with the issue of the VFA. I fear for their well being everyday. I pray to God that they are able to eat, stay safe, and have the strength to keep fighting. I really enjoyed the part on how the women in the Philippines are being effected by Imperialism and Globalization. One of my cousins is a prostitute. This is not something she wants to do, but was forced to do. In order for her family to survive she feels she needs to sell her body for money. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and kind spirited person. But her spirit is slowly dying every time she walks out the door and goes to work. So many people are suffering and these people are my family. I wish I could do more to help them because this issue hits close to home. Education is a very important part to this aspect because I believe this is the first step towards change.
I really liked the game we played in the beginning of the ED. It was fun and a really good energizer. I also enjoyed the last activity we did in groups. It was cool to see all the different forms of awareness we used to discuss the topic. I love how we have so many talented Jufranians. Each person’s talent was used to relay an important message.

The effects of Imperialism and Globalization on women → Prostitution
~Dedicated to Ate Grace~

“Bag Lady”

She’s like a bag lady carrying so much baggage, but Eryka Badu would say “the day has come when all them bags has gotten in her way”
She carries the struggle of her family and people on her shoulders. She keeps on going but the fire in her heart is slowly getting colder.
Walking out of her two bedroom shack that holds 12 people she puts on a smile…she tells her younger siblings she’ll only be gone for a little while
She fixes her hair, puts on makeup and holds back her tears knowing the ugliness she is going to face. She’s tired of living this life at a slow and painful pace.
Don’t cry, don’t weep and don’t be afraid…make him feel like he’s the king of the world…”Hello sir, would u like a good time today?”
Every kiss and every touch is worth a price…don’t cry bag lady, remind yourself u need to make it through the night
This is for the family and the food we need to eat, this is for my adings so they have a place to sleep.
To my kuya and ate for you to get the education you deserve, to my nanay and tatay please forgive for the things you have heard.
She’s a lady of the night and yes, she knows how to treat a man right. Her make up is smudged and hair messed up…she’s so much better than this because she’s a diamond in the rough.
She wishes she could lie as if she was happy but she can’t hide this hurt inside.
She wants to go home and be far away from this torture…she closes her eyes and says, “Would you like to know what I’m like in bed?”
She’s screaming on the inside and calling for help, this is her life, this is how the card’s were dealt.
She’s the bag lady with all the baggage that’s hurting her back, whatever she does she feels there is no way for her life to be on track
No one ever told her the one thing you must hold onto is yourself, but sadly she let that go a long time ago.
She wants things to get better and break free from her burden. She has so much potential, she needs to be in school learnin’
There’s nothing she can do, there’s nothing she can say. She’s the bag lady just trying to make her way.

The One and Only,
Kristina Nagales

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