JUFRAN Blog: Community Building

Let’s bring it back to the beginning of the year. This post is by one of the JUFRAN coordinators for this semester, Peter Macapugay. Thanks Pete! (we’ll miss ya when you move back to San Diego!)

Photo: Peter Macapugay

Photo: Peter Macapugay

Whattup my Kasamas!

I’m excited about the energy of this group, and I’m still basking in the glow from our first session. I want to take the flow from last week, and continue it on to this week and the following weeks to come. Thanks to everybody for contributing to a great experience last Friday. I felt comfortably open with everyone in this space. This is a solid group. When we are working together in an intimate space like this, I feel that it is important to be accountable for each other, and to be open to giving/receiving constructive criticism while always maintaining the R.O.P.E.S.

Community Building

Take a deep breath inand blow away this cloud of judgment
in a sustained exhale

To shatter this illusion of competition
between our people and
truly connect with one another
on an essential level.

We have forgotten ages
of oral traditions
twisted into superstitions,
disconnected from the truth,
by conquerors to divide
and systematically control us.

Instead of saying,
“Fuck the cops,”
Know your rights.

Before shouting,
“Power to the People,”
Know your community.

Before saying,
“I don’t do politics,”
Learn your history.

Give and Take.
Push and Pull.
Speak out about
things left unsaid.



It’s all connected:
Roots, Culture, Identity,
Education, History, Politics,
Like many branches
of the same tree.

It’s our Community,
and together we move forward.


Pete with the Beat

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