“We Stand On Their Shoulders” Rest In Power Manong Al Robles

The Filipino Community Mural at San Francisco State University

The Filipino Community Mural at San Francisco State University

The League of Filipino Students- SFSU would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and all who were positively affected by poet and community activist, Al Robles, who passed away this past Saturday.

It is important to note that Manong Al was the last living individual featured prominently on the Filipino Community Mural @ SFSU (he is on the upper-right hand side).

While we are saddened by the news of his passing, we feel it is important to educate ourselves and the greater community of his significance. So take the time to explore the different resources/ testimonies that we have provided. Also, feel free to let us know of any that we have missed or include your own words and testimony in our comments. We must celebrate his life, remember his accomplishments, and continue the work that he and the many others before him dedicated their lives to.

As one person mentioned this past weekend: “Manong Al made me fall in love with being Filipino.”

Thank you for doing that, and so much more.

Kultural Guerilla- Rest In Power Uncle Al

Prometheus Brown- The Fall of the I-Hotel

Manilatown- The Inspiration of Al Robles

Hyphen Magazine- R.I.P Al Robles

Asian Week- Poet Al Robles honored in New International Hotel Exhibit

Thas Wassup- Al Robles: Rest In Peace

Poor Magazine- Manilatown is in the Heart

Mass Movement TV- Al Robles Rest In Power

We will make sure to post up any information regarding future community memorials in his honor.

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