A Small and Made Up World After All: Mickey Mouse Monopoly

This past Monday, LFS- SFSU conducted an educational discussion on “Arts & Activism” and the use of cultural work within organizing. In order to understand how we can use culture and media (like blogs…) to advance the fight for National Democracy in the Philippines and the liberation of all struggling people, we have to analyze how its being used by our “enemies.”

Being in a free-market, capitalist society, we are fed images everyday. Most of these images are created to advance the financial interest of a corporation, conglomerate, financial entity, etc. In simpler terms, to make money. In our society, art and culture has been commodified to promote certain ideas of the dominant culture. The United States was very effective in doing this when it first colonized the Philippines and we even see it to this day.

One of the resources our facilitators used was a documentary called “Mickey Mouse Monopoly.” It is a critical look into Disney as a commercial/ cultural entity and certain ideas it has promoted and reinforced throughout its history. Disney is just one of the many outlets that has been set up to mold our thinking. Use this as a starting point to ask yourself critical questions about the media you see on the daily. Then compare it to the various examples of cultural work that our movement is trying to promote (see LFS Music Breaks). Enjoy!

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