Sorry for the hiatus…but we’re back!

So I think the usual response by college students after finals is to go into hiding and recover from the sleepless nights, carpel tunnel developed from paper writing/ typing, and the usage of all brainpower from all those multiple-choice + short answer + essay tests. Unfortunately, I fell victim to this and neglected updating. Sorry everyone =(

But I’m back from my break and ready to rock. There’s much to update on so stay tuned. Since it’s summer break for us at SFSU, folks are off doing their own thing and can get detacted from what’s going on. Fear not! We’ll help keep you in the loop. Afterall, the issues we fight for during the school year don’t take summer breaks.

Here’s to continuing the movement!

-Lyle Prijoles
Chair: 2008-2009
Educational Development Officer: 2009-2010

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