LFS OPEN HOUSE! Monday, March 1st @ 7 PM, BH 352!!

League of Filipino Students (LFS) Invites YOU to:OPEN HOUSE THIS
BH 352 at 7 PM!

Interested in community organizing?
Looking to put your knowledge into ACTION?
Want to make new friends?
Come to our OPEN HOUSE and see what we’re all about!

Some of the programs we offer:Journey to Understand Forgotten Reasons to Act Now (JUFRAN):
Our Spring Internship program!

  • Gain hands-on organizing experience!
  • Get CONNECTED to community organizations!!
  • Receive 3 upper division units and/or a midterm exemption!!!
Diwang Pinay – Soul of the Filipina Woman
Our women’s event celebrating the struggles and triumphs of Fil-Am/Filipina women.
Features various women artists and performers.Baliksambayanan (BSB) – Journey back to the Homeland:
Our summer exposure trip to the Philippines.
There we integrate with the urban poor, workers, peasants, and other sectors of society to learn and experience their struggles first-hand.
From that, we apply what we learn to our work here in the States.


Watch our open house ad here: http://www.vimeo.com/9787088or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UFvHCwtvQ

drop us a line: lfs.sfsu@gmail.comread our blog: https://lfssfsu.wordpress.com

follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/LFSsfsu

We focus to deepen our understanding of the concrete connections between Filipinos in the United States and in the Homeland by studying and propagating the rich and proud revolutionary heritage of our People’s continuing struggle for liberation and National Democracy.


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