Youth & Students Rise Up for SONA

We, the youth, students and members of other sectors, engage President Aquino, who ran and won under the banner of hope and change, to reverse the nine years of education crisis implemented by the corrupt Arroyo government.  Not only is there is a parallel between the two presidents: Obama & P-Noy who claim to be different from their predecessors, there also remains to a special exploitative relationship between the two, because underneath Prez Noy noy’s glorious claims to end corruption stem one of the root problems of Philippine society: Imperialism. How can we see real change, when what we are seeing is much of the same thing?

Youth and Students have been continuously fighting against tuition fee increases each semester, and have been pushed by the lack of change to resort to civil disobedience and direct action both here, in the United States and in the Philippines! Students demand for a regulation of the tuition fees and other fee increase, for the state to increase spending per student and invest in education in general, and to ensure the welfare of the basic sectors in schools including, but not limited to, the teachers, staff, employees, community settlers, and so on!

The Aquino administration needs to take a thorough look at the REAL state of the Philippine Nation and to truly address the outstanding and apparent needs of the Filipino people through actions more than words! The people call for Aquino to adopt the four K’s as part of his agenda for change: Katarungan/Justice- to prosecute Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Kalayaan/Freedom & soverienty from US imperialism, Karapatan- to end human righs violations and terminate Oplan Bantay Laya, and Kabuhayan- to increase the livilihood through wage increase and genuine agrarian reform! This is the people’s challenge to P-Noy if there is to be the change we need in our homeland!

Bayan Bayan Bayan Ko, Hindi pa tapos ng Laban Mo, Rebolusyon ni Bonifacio, Isulong mo, Isulong ko!

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