DUKOT 2010 US Tour

Coming to a City Near YOU!

San Francisco look out for October 2010!

Written by: Bonifacio P. Ilagan
Directed by: Joel C. Lamangan

Extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances of militant activists, crusading journalists and government critics constitute one of the more disturbing phenomena in recent years in the Philippines.

Since 2001 when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo became president, over a thousand cases have been recorded by the human rights organization Karapatan. No less than the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines, absolutely pro-status quo, issued a rejoinder to the Philippine government. Then there was Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur, who came, looked into the situation, and filed a report indicting the present government for the “culture of impunity” now reigning in the country.

The Philippine government has flatly rejected responsibility and denied complicity in these heinous crimes, professing adherence to the Bill of Rights and to all international protocols on human rights.

“Dukot” could very well be the first full-length film that gives the lie to the claim. It deals squarely with the “culture of impunity” that has, of late, made possible the Maguindano massacre of 57 people, including 31 journalists.

The film takes off from the abduction of Junix who is listed in the so-called Order of Battle of the military, actually a death list. A student leader, he left school to devote his full time to organizing peasants and the indigenous community in the hills. On the early morning that he disappears, he meets up with his girlfriend Maricel who works in a call center. She used to be a student activist, too, but had abandoned the movement for family reasons.

The parents of Junix team up with Sonia, Maricel’s widowed mother, to search for the missing. Ably assisted by a human rights group, they go to military camps, morgues, and common graves. They, too, seek the intervention of the court of justice. The quest leads them nowhere – until a damning piece of evidence against the military establishment surfaces. Meanwhile, Junix and Maricel undergo untold torture in the course of their interrogation.

In this horrid sojourn in search of the missing, the story of Junix and Maricel – and the seething unrest and its consequent social movement in the Philippines – unravels.

“Dukot” is based on true stories. All incidents in it have actually happened.

For more information visit: Dukot.com

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