The League of Filipino Students is now taking submissions for the first issue of RING THE ALARM!

This issue’s theme is: BORDERLANDS

We encourage submissions that reflect upon our unique positionalities as daughters and sons of immigrants and/or immigrants ourselves living in the diaspora, and our experiences and stories within the physical, institutional, social, and imagined borders in our lives.

We particularly welcome poetry, prose, personal reflections, diary entries, comics, art, lyrics, photography, and political discussions that relate to the theme of “balik sambayanan”, or “return to our homeland”.

We welcome and encourage submissions that intersect with themes and topics of immigration, citizenship, and nationality, ethnicity, de/colonization, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. Anonymous submissions are welcomed.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions should be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • Entries may be either typed, or hand written and scanned!
  • We encourage bilingual entries, if needed or necessary.
  • We welcome and respect anonymous entries***.
  • While we will do our best to include everyone’s submission, please keep in mind that late(r) submissions may not be included in this issue due to the space and the length of our publication. If you would like to be contacted if your submission has been selected, please indicate so in your email.
  • This issue will be available at our RING THE ALARM SHOWCASE on April 14, 2011 at SUB-MISSION (2183 Mission Street, SF), 7pm-12am.


Please send your submissions, ideas, and questions to: LFS.SFSU@GMAIL.COM.

Please include in the submission email subject line:


(ie. Andres Bonifacio, “No One is Illegal”, Poem)

LFS-SFSU Chapter Mission Statement

We focus to deepen our understanding of the concrete connections between Filipinos in the United States and in the Homeland by studying and propagating the rich and proud revolutionary heritage of our People’s continuing struggle for liberation and National Democracy.

We take it upon ourselves as youth and students to renew our Filipino culture and history, define our present situation as Filipinos all over the world, come to a proper understanding of how to remedy our current condition, and take action.

Ring The Alarm is League of Filipino Students’ annual rock/punk/indie show that showcases local bands of color from the SF Bay Area. Ring The Alarm is also our zine publication in conjunction with the show that exposes local and transnational issues affecting our communities, local bands, artists, writers, poets, community organizations, and more!

All proceeds raised from Ring The Alarm will help fund LFS’s annual Baliksambayanan integration exposure trip to the Philippines this summer, and also be donated to communities and organizations that we visit in the Philippines.

For more information on LFS-SFSU, Baliksambayanan Integration Program, or Ring The Alarm, please visit us at: https://lfssfsu.wordpress.com/ or http://facebook.com/lfssfsu/

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