Donate to LFS-SFSU’s Baliksambayanan Summer Exposure Trip to the Philippines!

Baliksambayanan (“return to the homeland”) is LFS-SFSU’s annual summer exposure integration trip to the Philippines. This month long exposure will allow LFS members to directly integrate and talk with local community members, such as farmers, workers, youth and students, and the urban poor, and experience firsthand the issues and struggles that they face on a day-to-day basis.

During our stay, we will also join in solidarity the inspiring and militant organizing efforts of local grassroots organizations that are fighting for genuine social change in the Philippines. When we return to the U.S., we hope to share with you our experiences, stories, and what we have learned from the communities.

** We are asking for any donation that you can offer to make this trip possible. Your donation will not only help fundraise to send LFS-SFSU members on this exposure, but also be directly donated to the organizations and communities that we visit in the Philippines.

Our current remaining goal is $1,000, and we are asking for anywhere between $10-20 to help us reach this goal. Of course, ANY amount counts and is truly appreciated.



Thank you so much for your support and love!

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