National Youth & Student Walk Out

Sups, everyone?

This is Carlo. It’s early morning here at the Kabataan Partylist HQ and mostly everyone here’s asleep. They’d been working all night in preparation for today’s National Youth and Students Walkout where thousands of students will be holding rallies in their areas and then descending upon EDSA.

The group is going to be split up. Rodel, Darah, and Jaye will be joining the PUP rally whereas Lyle and I will be going to UP Diliman. Supposedly we’re going to be seeing some guerilla theater piece that involved planking. And then when we all meet up in the larger demonstration depending upon whether her ankle is still swollen from bug bites and what not, Jaye, our incoming Vice Chair will be masking a solidarity statement on behalf of LFS-SFSU.

It’s crazy to me how creative, organized, and dedicated these youth are in making this rally happen. With all the time they put in, it should be amazing today.

As far as the trip overall, so far it’s been great. Staying at HQ we’ve been able to connect with not only folks from Kabataan Partylist, LFS, and Anakbayan here, but also our kasamas from Anakabayan-LA and New Jersey, some ILPS/BAYAN-Canada folks, and some dudes from Indonesia.

Since everyone’s starting to wake up now I better get ready too. I’ll write more later. So much more to share. By for now…

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