Days Go By

So I’m updating from my iPhone since Rodel left today, thus making access to a computer harder to come by.

Honestly it has been hard to update. Not just because of the lack of time, but just not really knowing what to say. I want people to really feel what it’s like to be here and why it’s important for organizers in the US to see how other folks get it done. Not for this idolization of the Philippines, but on the concrete basis that this our home country and they have a wealth of organizing experience to share with us.

With Rodel’s departure, we’re in the transitionary phase of the trip. Yenyen will now join us. Carlo & Darah leave on Aug. 1st. Then the rest of us finish everything out. These three weeks have gone by fast.

Yeah the bug bites suck. The constant feeling of sweat on your body is uncomfortable. Not being able to fully communicate with people can be frustrating. But being with people, a movement that is completely dedicated in the service of people, even with the threats from the state, makes those minor “struggles” seem completely insignificant.

No doubt, I miss my friends and family terribly right now. I can’t wait to see my new nephew and to give my parents a big hug. All that makes being here in the long run a very hard decision.

It doesn’t make leaving the Philippines any easier. How many times can you fall in love until you just say fuck it and stay. I guess that’s the contradiction us Filipino Americans who come here on exposure have to come to terms with eventually.

Ask me again in 2 weeks. Until then, I’ll try to write about what we’ve actually been doing. And pick up a little more Tagalog on the way.


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