LFS labels Aquino a ‘man with no sense of history’

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For likening the org to dictatorship
September 11, 2011

“Our members had been felled by the dictatorship’s bullets from our founding in 1977. And to be cheaply swiped by the son of Ninoy is nothing but the remark of a man with no sense of history.”

This was the statement of Terry Ridon, national chairperson of the League of Filipino Students, as the country’s largest and most active militant youth organization reacted strongly to President Noynoy Aquino III’s comparison of the LFS to the Marcos dictatorship (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/56215/aquino-likens-lfs-to-dictatorship).

“Mr. Aquino probably was too busy partying during his happy-go-lucky college days to know what an executive committee does.”

“What is so silly about his statement is the fact that he himself issued a memorandum order (Memorandum Order No. 13) on April 18, 2011, creating an Inter-Agency Executive Committee supposedly to monitor developments on persons deprived of liberty. Well, that’s a an executive committee as well, Herr Noynoy.”

Thus, Ridon said, following Mr. Aquino’s logic about a dictatorial executive committee, the President’s creation of such committee is nothing but “a dog that returns to his vomit.”

Ridon was chairperson of the student council of the Ateneo de Manila High School during the ouster of President Joseph Estrada, and subsequently joined the LFS upon his entry to the University of the Philippines.

Ridon said that Mr. Aquino conveniently forgets the participation of the LFS in the resurgence of protests against the dictatorship after the death of his father until the overthrow of Marcos in EDSA.

Ridon also said that the LFS was pivotal in the historic removal of the US bases in Subic and Clark during the presidency of his mother.

“No mere executive committee decision could have compelled thousands upon thousands of students to participate in successive caravans from Manila to Subic and Clark to expel the bases from our shores. To think otherwise is to simply belittle the intellect and courage of our students.”

Ridon issued a stern warning to the President.

“We are as much a potent student movement as we were during the dictatorship. Last year, we had led the protests against your government’s slashing of the education budget. We are doing the same thing again this year and the DBM had already initially acceded to our demands to increase significantly the budget of our state schools. “

“As we stood firmly against the dictatorship, so are we not backing down until a significant budget for schools and social services is given by your government.”

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