UPDATE: JB still scheduled for deportation tomorrow — PLEASE CALL BELOW

JB’s case is pending but he still has to report to INS and is technically still scheduled for deportation TOMORROW Saturday. JB still needs the community’s help. NAFCON is asking all its members and allies to participate in this urgent simple action of flooding the phones of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, ICE Director John Morton, Assemblymember Fiona Ma and Senator D. Feinstein TODAY! We know it is Veterans Day, but some of these offices are still answering phones and these reps may check the messages.

Attorney Arnedo Valera, JB’s attorney said our phone calls have helped so far. We were able to get several Congress reps to send letters to the Board of Immigration and Appeals!!

Senator D. Feinstein – 415-39300707

Assemblymember Fiona Ma of SF and San Mateo County – Phone  (415) 557-2312

Secretary of DHS – Janet Napolitano – 202-282-8000

ICE Director John Morton – 202-732-8000 



Hi, my name is __________ from (NAME OF ORGANIZATION IF YOU HAVE ONE). I’m calling today re: Jose Librojo (aka JB) case # A073 956 802. He is scheduled to be deported tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 12th. I am asking you to do what you can in allowing him to go through the legal process and exhaust all processes in accordance to due process and fair play. If JB’s applications to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Department of Homeland Security is denied, JB is ready to go to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

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