February 4: The League of Filipino Students joins BAYAN in commemorating the Phil-American war

February 4: The League of Filipino Students joins BAYAN in commemorating the Phil-American war

Slams Aquino for consenting intensified US operations in the country, tags it as outright treachery to Filipino heroes who fought for the country’s independence.

Press Release

Reference, Gema Canalis, Spokesperson, League of Filipino Students, 0926.888.4655

4 February 2012

The war between the Philippines and the American colonizers officially broke out after a Filipino soldier was shot in the streets of Manila on February 4, 1899. Only a year after the Philippines assumed independence from the 3-decade long colonization of Spain, they are resolute that they will not succumb to another colonizer. Thus, the Filipino revolutionaries pursued armed defense against US marines from 1899 until US President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed that the war was “officially” ended in 1902.

The US-Phil war of 1899 can be recalled as the first war of US as a world power. Clearly, the motive for aggression was to maintain an empire in the Pacific.

On January 26-28 of this year US met with representatives of the Aquino government to commence what would be called the Strategic Defense Dialogue. From the talks, the Aquino kowtowed to US’ demands to build their base in the country as part of their motive to neutralize and contain China’s influence in the region. Legitimized by the Mutual Defense Treaty and the Visiting Forces Agreement, US’ plan to dock naval warships, launch more “join military exercises,” fly drone surveillance in Philippine airspace, sustain some 600 permanent US troops in camp Navarro in Zamboanga and allow operations in Palawan under the jurisdiction of Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Command.

“Since the granting of the country’s “independence,” the US troops has never left the country. Even with the success of junking of the US Military Bases in 1991, this is rendered futile with the 60-year implementation of the Mutual Defense Treaty and the upcoming 13-year anniversary of Visiting Forces Agreement,” said Gema Canalis, spokesperson of the League of Filipino Students.

She also said that “the political and economic motives of US in 1899 seem no different with its motives at present. With the recent establishment of the Trans Pacific Partnership (and recently, Strategic Defense Dialogue), US’ plans to intensify its economic, political and military operations in the region is clearly a desperate move to maintain its superpower stature on a global scale. Nanginginig ang tuhod ng US, dahil alam nitong malaki ang potensiyal, kung hindi man kayang-kaya yanigin ng Tsina ang ilang dekadang paghahari ng US sa buong mundo.”

“Traydor si Aquino sa mga Pilipinong nag-alay ng buhay para sa paglaya ng sambayanan, noon at ngayon!” argued Canalis.

With the sustained and normalized presence and operations of US in the country spells economic and political disaster for the country. It would mean ultimate perversion of the country’s national sovereignty and patrimony. ###


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