HELP AND PARTICIPATE NOW! NAFCON launches survey to get the pulse of our kababayan on immigration

Hello members, families and friends of NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns),


Please help us achieve our goal by answering and submitting a short survey on immigration. Our goal is to hear and document the Filipino community’s take on current US immigration and how has this change your/our lives. Also, to create a more concrete and united demands, calls and actions on one of the closest issue to our hearts.

The online survey can be accessed via NAFCON’s website at


You can also use the attached printed version of the survey for those who don’t have access to computer and internet. If you would give this to your friends and families, please collect them and help us enter them into the online survey, so we can have their contributions. They can also ask someone else to help them enter it, if not you.


We can only reach the broadest and highest number of our kababayan, if you help us by spreading the words and ask them to fill up and submit surveys. EVERYONE COUNTS AND EVERYDAY IS A TIME OF OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!


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