Philippine Sea

LFS is good at documenting their events from the past and what I notice is that we are timely when it comes to reporting the very current conditions of the Philippines. So many cases have been propagated through different campaigns such as freeing the Morong 43 from two years ago (right? lol). This is what made BSB 2010 very unique. Students from LFS-SFSU were able to visit health practicers who were falsely accused of organizing against the gov’t. It is these type of struggles that make each year different and this excitement for 2012 helps me stay curious to the work.

This year, I’m more conscious of Philippine sovereignty. There exists international law of the seas which China has invaded within the given nautical miles of the Philippine Sea. More information can be found here.

This year I’m looking forward to finally getting introduced to the program, getting to know each other better, as well as contributing to the NDM in ways that are tangible. What is nice is that we can always organize folks from here in So Cal too.

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

15 more days!

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