Call out for donations! Office supplies

As some of you already know, LFS- SFSU has an annual summer exposure program to the Philippines called “Baliksambayanan”. We send youth and students from the U.S. back home to learn about, first hand, the conditions of the Philippines and the organizations who are organizing and fighting against these exploitative conditions.

We also collect donations for the organizations there. The resources for organizations are limited for us in the U.S., imagine how it is for our folks back in the homeland. Generally, we call out for medical and school supplies. But sometimes the Philippines has very specific needs.

We are asking for help from you, our community, to help us donate these very important items. These items help the organizations back home do their day-to-day work. We know many of us are struggling and have limited resources ourselves. But anything, no matter how small or little, is welcomed. Collectively, our small acts can lead to big changes!

Please contact us at or any LFS-SFSU member if you would like to contribute. We are also accepting monetary donations that will be distributed to the local organizations in the Philippines. Our last batch of exposurists will be leaving on July 10, but we are collecting donations yearlong.

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated!

1. Guntacker and guntacker wire
2. Jars of glue and glue gun
3. Masking tape
4. Scotch tape
5. Staplers ( Big )
6. Staple wires
7. Batteries ( Big ) for the megaphone
8. Scissors ( Big )
9. Elmer’s glue
10. Plastic storage boxes ( for the wires and other office supplies to be brought to the site )
11. Correction fluid
12. Whiteboard markers ( for meetings )
13. Push pins
14. Scissors ( big )
15. Bond papers ( long and short ) – for press statements and attached documents ( on situationers ) for the media
16. Plastic fasteners ( for the documents )
17. Ballpens ( with ink )
18. VITAMINS for people who will spend sleepless nights doing the effigy and doing the vigil
19. Fax paper #110
20. Puncher
21. File boxes

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