Tora Tora the Jeep

I am feeling a little heat exhaustion so I take a nap. I am not sure actually, my meals are consistent, but I think it might be the activities from the night before:

We prepare for the propaganda, a rule I have already disobeyed in terms of parental concern haha, but as long as I am safe we are committing to a deed for the public good. We are not anti government but instead we are pro government for the people.

The head quarters is filled with different groups from the youth sector. Artists are on the floor organizing in the kitchen, but upstairs I walk into an educational discussion on K-12 by a few of the kasamas. With only a piece of chalk, he draws key terms on the floor in front of Marvin(s) and I. At the same time, we exchange dialogue about the occupy movement. The driven goal between each organizers is prominent throughout the week, the subject matter is relevant, and we also have a plan of action. The ED officers, whether official or not, provide a great synopsis for tomorrow’s walk out.

We congregate to the epicenter of USP and the bridge right out front, building energy for something we do not even know at times, but what’s important is that we stick close.

Trish tells me that the jeep we are using is from the 1970’s and that it has survived countless mobilizations. Miguel and Dora beast it on the mic; she carries this energy over to the, where we witness the strongest elements of the NDM: singing, speeches by chairwomen, and KPL member–Vencer–plus more. The program itself is half improvised however it feels unplanned. We are told it is one of the biggest showings for a komrade.



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