Today’s Medical Mission

If we didn’t show up today the barangays would have had the hardest time accessing adequate healthcare from our own government. This is why the Kabataan Party List organizes in the most impoverished areas. Our knowledgeable staff allows the medical team to be utilized for our people. We are glad to embark on the medical mission; the help from the legal face of KPL is committed to genuine reform for our people.

We are lucky to find that the actual community is divided into different phases. We organize at phase II of Payatas and the children are excited to play ball with us, so we divide ourselves into teams and play ball. Bernardo starts shooting Jays and we decide to get the whole team involved, which is when Amelia starts going Chares Barkley on them! Haha

After we win our game, we stop by an HQ, fall asleep in the van and eat lunch. Waking up at 6:00am is catching up right about now. Ingat, kasamas.

Last but not least… Please donate for our cause by clicking on the link to the left!


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