Lyle’s Ipis Story

I know my recent entries have been pretty serious. So here’s a funny story to hold you over until my next serious entry.

In the Philippines, there’s flying cockroaches or ipis. If you’re the type to get scared easily by bugs, they will freak you out. Fortunately I’m not that type…normally.

We were about to fall asleep in the boy’s room/ conference room of the Kabataan Partylist office. The lights were off and I was still on my computer trying to finish up some stuff before I went to sleep. I start to feel the drowsiness overcome my eye lids and I turn on my back to see if it was going to turn into a night of slumber. All of a sudden, I see a reflection pass my computer screen from the corner of my eye. It must have been only a couple inches from my left cheek. My quick analysis had me believe it was an ipis, but by the time I could turn for a better look, it hid in the dark of the night.

Now, I didn’t want to made a big scene because some people were already asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up. As calmly as I could, I grab my iPhone and search for my flashlight app. When I find it, I shine it towards the last location of the ipis and all possible locations it could have ran off to. Then I spot it, about to climb Mt. Bernardo’s backpack and into his unsuspecting lap. I look at Bernardo and say “uh dude, there’s an ipis next to you”. All the half-asleep eyes in the room turn towards us.

We get Marvin to turn on the lights and it becomes a three person hunting party for one small ipis. The ipis dodges every flick of the shoe towards its direction and for some reason, keeps running towards my stuff. My hope at the time was that it won’t go into my backpack. But i suppose I could have just dropped my backpack on top of it.

We chase it and corner it behind the TV. As we clear the surrounding area so there’s no escape route, we slide the TV away and prepare for the final confrontation. We see it make one last desperate crawl up the wall. With our loud encouragement, Bernardo takes one big swing of his shoe towards the wall. The ipis falls onto its back. I yell “DOUBLE TAP!” and Bernardo takes the final kill shot. With that last swing, our battle with this particular ipis is over. But unfortunately for everyone involved, that won’t be our last interaction.

So the lesson here: don’t freak out and gathering a large army behind, even when you’re perfectly capable of killing it yourself.

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