[PRESS STATEMENT] “Aquino Accountable for GMA Bail Grant”



25 July 2012

“Aquino accountable for GMA bail grant”LFS

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) condemns in the highest possible terms the granting of bail to Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on the electoral sabotage case filed against her earlier today. The LFS would like to call out the Aquino administration’s accountability in its failure to file a strong plunder case against Arroyo, in addition to multiple charges of human rights violations.

The current US-Aquino regime’s has shown no initiative in making Arroyo pay for her crimes against the people. While an arrest warrant is pending the former president at the Sandiganbayan, the long time it took before such a case was filed against her made detaining Arroyo questionable on legal grounds. The probability of Arroyo coming clean from the charges filed against her is a testament to the Aquino administration’s culture of impunity towards their fellow representatives from the ruling class, and no different from what happened with former presidents Marcos and Estrada.

Just days after his third State of the Nation Address (SONA) and already Aquino is swallowing his words. Vaunting that he won’t just “forgive and forget” the people’s oppressors, the turn of events just days after his SONA show otherwise. Indeed, like the rest of his speech, his words remain hollow and his rhetoric exposed as nothing but mere lip service in a desperate attempt to win over the people long frustrated with his rule.

The ruling class can no longer cover up their connivance with each other in an attempt to protect each other’s interests that are the opposite of what the people demands. The LFS vows to continue arousing, organizing, and mobilizing the youth and the rest of the people to expose and oppose these local ruling elites, and make sure that the likes of Arroyo pay for their crimes against the people when the current administration fails to. ###


Gemma Canalis, Chairperson


Warren Gutierrez, Media Liaison


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