Akbayan received funds from Hacienda Luisita owners. Download report here

like a rolling stone


The links between Aquino and Akbayan, even from the time of 2010 elections, show that Akbayan is really Aquino’s favored partylist. And now that Noynoy Aquino is President, questions continue to arise on how Akbayan will be using its position in the Aquino government to gain unfair advantage over the truly marginalized and underrepresented groups.

With this kind of campaign contribution, Akbayan is utterly beholden to Aquino and they will continue to be, even if Aquino’s policies run counter to the interests of the marginalized.It’s possible that part of the contribution from the Aquino siblings went to the television ads of Akbayan which were actually TV ads of Aquino. It is Aquino’s way to circumvent the law on campaign airtime, and make it appear that it is Akbayan’s airtime being used.In any case, Akbayan’s huge election spending undermines the Party’s claim of being marginalized.

We suspect…

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