Interview with Adrian Bonifacio of Anakbayan Silicon Valley

If you would like to give just a general reflection on what you thought about the article/can you shed some more light on that?

Yeah I really agree with the article, I had a good time [reading it], in terms of highlighting the political/economic turmoil at the time and how the life was and a lot of education on the ground with the masses and what is going on right now with the current masses… The first quarter storm it seems like the occupy movements–all of the indicate movements–across the world–I think there is a parallel with and relevance to the article that JOMA wrote. I agree with the article (yeah).

Thank you. I see that you mention the Occupy movement; can you add just a little bit more on how the Occupy movement can learn from FQS? 

I think what the occupy movement t can learn from FQS is that a lot of the activists have a very clear line of what they are trying to do, so, I thought about KABATAAN MAKABAYAN and how they really organized a comprehensive youth movement that is working with workers, women, students, out of school youth, so they are really building with other sectors in society to really push towards the same goal.

I think a lot of the criticisms towards the occupy movement were that they are all united against the same things but they weren’t looking for the future so they did not have the same goals, so I really think a strong united front is something that the occupy movement can learn from the first quarter storm and I think that is something that we are trying to do with all of the ND groups over here in the states and across the world.

Does anything stick out from the ILPS article that you want to reflect on?

The biggest thing that hit me was just how relevant the article was right now and how crazy it was to see the parallels with what is happening in the article and what is happening right now (especially in the 2000’s).

The last sentence of the fifth paragraph states that the proletarian revolutionaries and core of the MDP  stood fast on continuing the protest actions. What does the proletarian revolutionary mean to you?

A proletarian revolutionary is someone who is really with the people that are making our economy and society run. So that’s someone who is of course a worker but it is [also] somebody who is allied with the worker, people like students who are part of the working class, but [also someone] who’s is pushing towards the same goals that have a strong solidarity with them.

If you have any campaigns that you want to shout out to ABUSA radio that ABSV is running or even any general updates from ABSV that you want to shout out?

I guess one current thing that we are still working and it’s actually in conjunction with CHRP (Committee for Human rights in the Philippines) was the stop the minings stop the killings campaign that we have had running last month regarding, in light of the massacre with the Anti Mining Act

and it’s kind of funny actually that we went to Xtrata which is the mining company chapters here in the states in Silicon Valley (San Jose). We are trying to form a response letter because they have actually contacted us back.

So the response from Xtrata was just an email so far but there is a sign of communication which is a good sign so far right?

Yeah except the communication did not acknowledge the company’s role in it and there is this kind of propaganda against our movement.

I spent a l ot of time with AB Chicago actually when i was here and this was my first time meeting them so good luck with the work y’all are doing and to make sure to keep the revolutionary spirit up and a congrats to the graduates of 2013.

Interview conducted by daeniel

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