LFS-SFSU Celebrates 36 Years of Fighting US Imperialism In the Homeland and Overseas!



September 11, 2013

Reference: Eirish Sison, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU, lfs.sfsu@gmail.com

LFS-SFSU Celebrates 36 Years of Fighting US Imperialism In the Homeland and Overseas!

Today, the League of Filipino Students (LFS) celebrates its 36th year of militant struggle towards national democracy and genuine liberation in the Philippines. As its only overseas chapter, the LFS at San Francisco State University reaffirms its commitment to arouse, organize, and mobilize Filipino youth and students in the United States to solve the root problems that have forced us and our families out of our homeland. We call on all youth in “the belly of the beast” to unite with all sectors of society to struggle against U.S.-led imperialism and its anti-people policies.

In 1977, the League of Filipino Students began as the Alyansa ng mga Magaaral Laban Sa Pagtaas ng Tuition Fee (Alliance of Students Against Tuition Fee Increases). LFS brought together militant students and organizations to protect and fight for the democratic rights of students during martial law. However, recognizing that the struggle of students cannot and should not be separated from the struggles of the broad masses of the Filipino people, the LFS became the national democratic, anti-imperialist youth organization that it continues to be today.

In 1997, a group of youth and students witnessed the work of LFS in the Philippines and were inspired to build a chapter of LFS in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a patriotic youth and student organization, LFS continues to be in the forefront of bridging the connection between SFSU Filipino students with their kababayan in our homeland. Continuing the annual summer exposure program, Baliksambayanan, exposurists are able to gain first-hand experience of several sectors of society’s struggle against the anti-people policies of the U.S.-Aquino regime. Exposurists of 2013 witnessed the continued militarization in the farmlands of Tarlac, Luzon to the indigenous Lumad land in Compostela Valley, Mindanao.

Today, the need for militant, anti-imperialist youth and student organizations has never been greater. The world’s lone superpower is still suffering from the effects from the latest global economic depression, attempting to exploit more countries through free trade agreements and continuing to cut basic social services for its own citizens. The U.S. is trying to consolidate its grip on key parts of the world by pushing for the reopening of military bases in the Philippines and beating the war drums towards Syria.

But everyday, we can see the people’s ire grow and their resistance to these policies becoming increasingly fierce. The American people, tired of being dragged into conflict after conflict, are resisting attempts by its government to enter the conflict in Syria. The Filipino people are heightening their calls to end government use of “pork barrel” funds. Youth and students all over the world are resisting attempts to privatize education and raise tuition that would make education unaffordable to most youth. Here in California, Filipinos of all ages have rallied behind Assembly Bill 123, which would finally recognize the struggle and triumphs of Filipino farmworkers in public school education.

“We commemorate LFS’s 36th anniversary, and our own chapter’s 16th year. Today marks the best time to intensify youth and student organizing, and the fight for genuine liberation and national democracy for Filipinos in the Philippines and all over the world. As U.S. imperialism tightens its grip on the Philippines, the Asia-Pacific region, and continues unnecessary wars of aggression overseas, we recognize the U.S.’s desperation for power and a system nearing collapse.” -Eirish Sison, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU

We, LFS at San Francisco State University, stand in solidarity with all LFS chapters across the Philippines to celebrate 36 years of continued work to arouse, organize and mobilize the patriotic Filipino youth and students. We hope to recognize many more anniversaries as we continue to struggle towards national democracy and genuine liberation in the Philippines!




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