Why protest on September 21?

like a rolling stone


1. Because the prosecution of those involved in the pork barrel scam is still not complete and can be undermined any time by Aquino himself.

2. Because the Napoles NGO’s comprise only 8 out of the 82 NGO’s COA reported to have questionable transactions involving PDAF. The COA report from 2007-2009 also does not reveal the true extent of systemic corruption. Many more should be investigated.

3. Because Congress plans to retain pork under a new system; that even if there is no longer a lump-sum PDAF, lawmakers will still get to identify and recommend projects to the different implementing agencies (itemized pork). Next week, Congress is expected to pass on second reading the proposed budget, along with the new itemized pork system.

4. Because he who has the biggest pork of all refuses to give it up, while preserving the system of patronage politics in Congress.

5. Because 41 years…

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