Philippine Solidarity Week

Philippine Solidarity Week is a week of activities to commemorate the Philippine-American War, which began on February 4, and to raise awareness and support for the continuing struggle of the Filipino people for national liberation. It is led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-USA or BAYAN-USA.
Since 1899, U.S. troops have maintained their presence in the Philippines through permanent military and naval bases and through military agreements and treaties that undermines Philippine sovereignty. These military bases have served as launching pads for U.S. Imperialist aggression in Asia. With the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPPA) and the Joint Force 2020 ventures, U.S. troops will continue imperialist aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the Philippines.
This week, BAYAN-USA’s NorCal region has been releasing a series of “Myths/Facts” about U.S. militarization in the Philippines.
LFS SFSU has created limited edition trading cards to reflect the games that were played during the Philippine-American war in hopes to dispel the myths we have been taught and to highlight the facts about U.S. militarization in the Philippines.

Treaty of Paris 1898

Myth: The US gained the Philippines as a territory by defeating Spanish military forces.

Fact: The US purchased the Philippines, along with Guam, Cuba, and Puerto Rico from Spain for $20 million dollars. They then staged the Battle of Manila Bay to give the illusion of their military superiority.

Execution Order

Myth: US colonization of the Philippines was benevolent.

Fact: During the Philippine American war, US soldiers were instructed to kill everyone over the age of 10 to prevent armed resistance.

Mass Resistance

Myth: Today, Filipinos welcome US military presence in the Philippines.

Fact: Filipinos and our allies all over the world hold protests and actions against the US military’s violation of the people’s rights and sovereignty.

As long as the 3 basic problems affect the Philippines, this card must be in play.

To share and see more “Myth/Facts” visit and like the BAYAN USA Northern CA page on facebook!

Check out Myth #1 from Anakbayan Silicon Valley

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