LFS-SFSU Condemn the B.S. Aquino Regime for the Murder of Freddie ‘Fermin’ Ligiw

For Immediate Release


March 9, 2014


Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Secretary-General, LFS-SFSU, lfs.sfsu@gmail.com


League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State Condemn the B.S. Aquino Regime for the Murder of Freddie ‘Fermin’ Ligiw


League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU) vehemently condemn the U.S.-Aquino regime for the murder of Freddie ‘Fermin’ Ligiw, a fellow youth organizer and member of Anakbayan in the northern province of Abra.


On March 8th, the bodies of Freddie ‘Fermin’ Ligiw, his father Licuben and his brother Edie were identified having been buried in a shallow grave. According to reports they were found blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. Fermin and his father and brother were likely tortured before being killed by suspected forces of the Philippine Military.


According to a report by the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA), Freddie Ligiw was to meet with Human Rights workers and give testimony on his experience of military soldiers forcibly using him as a ‘guide’, (and more likely as a shield,) by the Philippine Military’s 41st Infantry Battalion in their operations against the New People’s Army in the area.


LFS-SFSU is outraged at the U.S. backed Aquino regime. As an overseas chapter waging the fight for national democracy in the Philippines against U.S. imperialism, we see the U.S.-Aquino regime pushing for 100% foreign ownership of businesses and land in the Philippines and the continuation of extrajudicial killings of those who boldly continue to fight for genuine liberation and for national democracy of the country.


“We call for the end of U.S.-backed militarization of the Philippines! We do not pay taxes in the U.S. to have our brothers and sisters in the Philippines get killed, and contribute to the culture of impunity that’s been normalizing torture and killings of young activists like Fermin.” Faye Lacanilao, BAYAN-USA Nor-Cal Regional Coordinator.


As thousands of women, workers, peasants, youth and students marched to Malacañang Palace on March 8th to honor International Women’s day, the reasons are becoming even clearer for their call of the ouster of B.S. Aquino. The current government has disregarded the welfare of its people and only furthers the exploitation of the Philippines. With more murders of our people and plundering of our motherland, it is not hard to see that the true killer is the oppressive state.


As youth and students we must boldly move together with our fellow youth and students, women, and workers and dare to stand up and speak out against the human rights violations happening against activists in the Philippines! We must not allow U.S. tax dollars to fund the ongoing murders of Filipinos and plunder of the Philippines! We must not be complacent to the continuous suffering of the Filipino people under the U.S. Aquino regime! LFS-SFSU calls upon all young activists in the U.S. and beyond, Filipino and non-Filipino, to stand with us and call an end to the U.S. puppet Aquino regime!


Justice for Freddie “Fermin” Ligiw and his family!

Justice for all victims of state-sponsored murder against activists in the Philippines!




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