The League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU) are calling on all to join in the struggle to defend the College of Ethnic Studies!



February 26th, 2016

Reference: Angeline Ubaldo, Solidarity Officer, LFS-SFSU

The League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU) are calling on all to join in the struggle to defend the College of Ethnic Studies!


We condemn SFSU President Leslie Wong and Provost Sue Rosser for financially neglecting the only College of Ethnic Studies in the U.S. The college faces a proposed 40% budget cut that would lead to more impacted classes, the laying off of staff and faculty, and the dismantling of important resources such as the Ethnic Studies Student Resource and Empowerment Center and the Cesar Chavez Institute Student Research Center.

On February 25, students and faculty met with President Wong, Provost Rosser, and other administrative members of the president’s cabinet with a list of ten demands to sustain and advance the College of Ethnic Studies. Mirroring the student movement led by Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) in 1968, hundreds of students rose to the occasion and displayed the spirit of the revolutionary and militant tradition of the TWLF to defend what they established almost five decades ago.

“The fight for Ethnic Studies is a continuation of SF State’s revolutionary legacy from the TWLF,” Jordan Ilagan, LFS-SFSU’s chairperson, said. “As students of SF State, it is our duty to fight for relevant, pro-people education. We should not end our actions with the meeting with President Wong but continue to arouse, organize and mobilize all students, faculty and workers and continue to link the struggles at SF State with the larger San Francisco community.”

At the end of the meeting, President Wong and his cabinet reluctantly agreed to meet with students by the February 29th deadline that students set to release a financial report and a plan of action to ensure that the College of Ethnic Studies is sustained and advanced. However, we must remain vigilant because we know very well that we cannot rely on the powers that be to genuinely uphold the interests of the students.

In the spirit of 1968, we uphold the fight for the College of Ethnic Studies and call on all to join the struggle for our fundamental human right to a relevant and pro-people education and to combat the oppressive, neoliberal politics and policies that plague SFSU students, staff, and faculty today.



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