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  1. I am writing to inquire if you might be interested in a presentation that I have been doing which combines my reading from my novel, film clips about the war and discussions about the Bataan Death March. I have realized that there is not much awareness of this unfortunate event in our history. It is the largest single surrender in the history of the United States (approx. 75,000 soldiers). During the forced march to their prison camps some 60 miles away, approximately 15,000 Filipino and American soldiers died in what became infamously known as the Bataan Death march.
    I have just made a presentation at the Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa on Feb. 28 and will be doing one at CCSF on March 7 at the Rosenberg Library at 11AM. I will also present at CAL East Bay on April 10 in collaboration with the Phil. Am. Student Alliance and the Theatre-Dance Dept.

    In Her Mother’s Image is the story of a family’s ordeal during World War II in the Philippines. The war is seen through the eyes of a rambunctious eight-year-old child named Chiquita whose innocent and carefree world is shattered by the invasion of the Imperial Japanese Army on December 8, 1941. Four months later on April 9, 1942, her fears become even more palpable during the fall of Bataan when her beloved brother goes missing. The sacrifices and emotional toll that befall her and her entire family are relived thirty years later when she goes back to the land of her birth. Neither time nor space could erase the emotional ravages of war.

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