Activism is NOT a Crime! Defend the Defenders of Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in the Cordilleras!

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For Immediate Release

Press Statement

March 24, 2015

Reference: Patrick Racela, Head Coordinator, Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor

Activism is NOT a Crime! Defend the Defenders of Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in the Cordilleras!

We, the Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor express great support and solidarity for the human rights activists and indigenous rights advocates facing political vilification and harassment in the Cordilleras. As cultural advocates who support the cultures and practices of indigenous peoples, we condemn the elements that threaten the lives of peace loving people working towards building a more just society.

The increased political vilification is a prelude to instances of human rights violations, such as illegal arrests on bogus, trumped-up charges, enforced disappearances, and extrajudicial killings, as observed historically. Such was the case for human rights activist, William Buggati, who was extrajudicially killed on March 25th, 2014.  The targeted individuals and peoples’ organizations have…

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Fil-Ams join ‘Million March’, calls on Youth to challenge racis

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New York City, NY – Filipino-Americans join the biggest protest to date this Saturday in response to the non-indictment of police officer Darren Wilson involved in the shooting of African-American teen Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold killing of 43 year old Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

The protest started at Cooper Union. The contingent then marched towards Washington Square Park to merge with an even bigger march. Estimates say 50 to 60 thousand protesters took to the streets chanting “Black lives matter”, “I can’t breathe”, and “Fist up, fight back!” This is only one of the many demonstrations happening as part of “Million March Day of Anger”.

“We, as Filipino-American youth and students, stand in solidarity with the families of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and everyone who has lost loved ones as a result of state-sanctioned violence. We join because an injury…

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For Immediate Release

Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson of LFS-SFSU,


“Our ultimate objective in learning about anything
is to try to create and develop a more just society.”
- Yuri Kochiyama

We, Mula Sa Ugat, the Alliance of Filipino Student Organizations at San Francisco State University, along with allied student organizations stand in solidarity with students, teachers, parents, and community members who will mobilize on December 9th, 2014 at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Board of Education meeting to institutionalize Ethnic Studies into all SFUSD high schools.

SF State is home to the only college of Ethnic Studies in the country, established in 1969 through the collective struggle of the longest student strike in history. “As a member organization of the Third World Liberation Front that helped get Ethnic Studies established at San Francisco State College, we recognize that is is our duty to carry on the legacy of those who came before us to struggle for relevant, quality education from the perspective of our people. We support Ethnic Studies in all SFUSD schools! Education is a human right!” -Patrick Racela, Head Coordinator, PACE (Pilipino Academic Collegiate Endeavor).

Ethnic Studies is a collective struggle of resistance, liberation, and self-determination. Ethnic Studies shows us that #BlackLivesMatter and #BrownLivesMatter in a time when we need it the most. We extend our solidarity to all who take action against state repression, be it in the classroom or in the streets.


Alpha Kappa Omicron (AKO), Alpha Chapter
Chi Rho Omicron (XPO), Beta Chapter
InterVarsity Kapwa
Kappa Psi Epsilon (KPsiE), Beta Chapter
League of Filipino Students (LFS-SFSU)
Pilipino Academic Collegiate Endeavor (PACE)
Asian Student Union (ASU)
Pacific Islander Club (PIC)




November 25, 2014
Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU,


The League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU) stands in solidarity with the community of Ferguson, Missouri. We support those who’ve chosen to take to the streets since Mike Brown was fatally shot on August 9th, 2014. And we support those who again took to the streets on the night of November 24th, 2014 to condemn the announcement of the grand jury of Ferguson, MO to not indict Officer Darren Wilson. We are in solidarity with those who continue to demand justice for Mike Brown and all communities of color that face daily repressive and state-sponsored violence.

We recognize the culture of impunity that the United States perpetuates with its so-called, “justice system,” that has time and time again revealed itself as a system which only serves the privileged few and which marginalizes those seen as being of less worth by the imperialist society of the United States. We recognize white supremacy as a tool of the
imperialist United States. We are not surprised at the grand jury of Ferguson, MO’s decision, we are outraged. We are outraged that those in power will continue to go on as if Mike Brown’s life did not matter. We are outraged that men dressed in uniforms will continue to get away with the murder of black and brown youth. We are outraged that the system which will always fail to protect and serve the people continues to be that which judges who does and who does not get justice.

“We are no stranger to the grave injustices brought by the hands of the U.S. imperialist system. We know the bleeding wound of the community of Ferguson. It is the same wound that continues to bleed in the Philippines. It is the same wound that bleeds in Mexico, it is the same wound that bleeds in Palestine, and it is the same wound that bleeds in all communities of color that face daily repressive and state-sponsored violence. Alone, these wounds will kill us. That is what the system of U.S. imperialism wants. We must come together, we must organize and mobilize, and we must help each other to stop the bleeding by changing the system which aims to put holes in the bodies of our black and brown youth. Only then will we see justice.” – Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU.

We urge all youth and students to stand in solidarity and join the growing movement against state-sponsored violence. From Mexico, Palestine, Ferguson, to the Philippines it is the youth who have been taking the lead and continually supporting the growing movement against state-sponsored violence. We cannot afford to remain complaisant any longer. To be passive in times of injustice only allows the system of injustice to continue. We can no longer wait for justice to be given, we must stand up and join the movement to demand and take justice for our communities, for those who’ve fallen victim, and for those who survive in spite of the daily repression of state-sponsored violence.

There is no justice in a system that’s inherently flawed. We can no longer rely on the system that allows the murder of our black and brown brothers and sisters. We stand with the people of Ferguson, Mexico, Palestine and the Philippines.




November 8, 2014


Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU,




The League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU) with Mula Sa Ugat, the alliance of Filipina/o American student organizations at San Francisco State University, held a candlelight vigil on the evening of November 6th, 2014 to commemorate the one year anniversary of super typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines.

Member organizations of Mula Sa Ugat, including LFS-SFSU, Alpha Kappa Omicron (AKO), Chi Rho Omicron (XPO), Intervarsity Kapwa, Kappa Psi Epsilon (KΨE), and Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor (PACE) all had representatives give words of solidarity for the victims and survivors of the typhoon.

Mula Sa Ugat organizations recognized their contributions in the collection of donations and the direct organizing efforts of Task Force Haiyan, a part of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), in support of grassroots, people-to-people, relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Student representatives shared personal stories of their families affected by the typhoon, how the devastation included the loss of loved ones. They also shared about how in the midst of tragedy they found solace in the community created through the Filipino student organizations at SF State.

LFS-SFSU sent delegates on two separate relief and rehabilitation missions to the city of Tacloban, as well as to less visible communities in the Visayas. “…When we got there to give relief goods they said, ‘Thank-you, you’re the first relief that we’ve been given. This was eight months after typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) had hit them,” Ana-Louise Trinidad, Education Development Officer of LFS-SFSU and delegate of the North-American Philippines Solidarity Affair (NAPSA) 2014 with Kapit Bisig Kabataan Network, “We should also remember that the survivors and the rest of the people in the Philippines continue to suffer from storms of poverty, storms of corruption, and storms of injustice.”

“We arrived in Tacloban, and it looked like the typhoon had just hit a few days before,” Jordan Ilagan, Secretary General of LFS-SFSU and delegate of the Pastoral & Solidarity Visit 2014 with Cal-Nev Philippine Solidarity Task Force, “…At one of the mass graves we visited there was a statue of Jesus in the middle, but the statue had one arm missing…they left it like that because we are supposed to be that missing arm, the missing hand. We must reach out our hands and link arms together to continue helping those who need our help and to continue serving the people…”

Students also highlighted the revolutionary heritage of youth and students and to continue extending our help to the Philippines. Not only to highlight a year after typhoon Haiyan, but to reveal the injustices the people face and will continue to face because of the corrupt and broken  system that is in place. Students were also encouraged to write individual messages of solidarity under a banner that read simply “Remember Haiyan.”

This event was held in a national coordinated effort by member organizations of Kapit Bisig Kabataan Network (Youth Link Arms). Other events to commemorate the one year anniversary of typhoon Haiyan will happen nationally across the U.S. as well as internationally on November 8th.

HaiyanVigilSFSU 2

Justice For Victims Of Typhoon Haiyan!





September 24, 2014
Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU,


This is a message for B.S. Aquino, on behalf of the League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. You have failed the people of the Philippines far too many times. You failed in preparing the citizens of the Philippines for what was being called the strongest typhoon on record. You took 3 days to call a state of national calamity. You sent soldiers in place of relief goods to the most devastated areas where super typhoon Haiyan hit. You neglected to allocate funds for the remaining survivors to sustain themselves long enough to bury their dead. You continue to defend government officials, like yourself, who pocket money meant for the people of the Philippines. You, B.S. Aquino are not fit for presidency. You only worsen the ecological and economic crisis of the Philippines and the lives of the Filipino people.

LFS-SFSU sends exposurists to the Philippines to integrate and witness firsthand the daily struggle of the most oppressed peoples in the country. We continuously witness the worsening situation of the people of the Philippines to survive in a country whose leaders in office value profits over people. We see typhoon after typhoon hit the Philippines. And we’ve seen that it is only through grassroots people to people relief and rehabilitation that devastated areas and typhoon survivors are able to get closer to recovery. We stand with the growing movement of all sectors who rally for national democracy and genuine liberation.

We call on Filipino youth and students from the Bay to NYC, to rise up as a testament to the growing youth and student movement and greater National Democratic movement to demand that the B.S. Aquino regime is held accountable to the Filipino people. We will not stop until you, B.S. Aquino, realize that you failed the Filipino people and are unfit for Presidency. We stand proudly and recognize the history of youth and students in the Philippines who have risen and resisted political repression, from the Katipunan to the martyrs of Martial Law, to the so called “hooligans” who act and speak against your B.S. regime, we rise up.



LFS-SFSU Celebrates 37 Years of Advancing the Struggle for National Democracy!


September 11, 2014
Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU,

LFS-SFSU Celebrates 37 Years of Advancing the Struggle for National Democracy!

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) celebrates 37 years of continuing militant struggle for national democracy and genuine liberation of the Philippines. As an overseas chapter, League of Filipino Students at San Francisco State University (LFS-SFSU), we stand firm in our role to arouse, organize, and mobilize youth and students in the United States to solve the root problems that continue to force Filipinos out of the homeland everyday. We call on all youth and students in the “belly of the beast” and beyond to stand with us, to unite with all sectors of society, and to struggle against the monstrosity that is U.S. imperialism.

LFS first began as Alyansa ng mga Magaaral Laban sa Pagtaas ng Tuition Fee (Alliance of Students Against Tuition Fee Increases). In 1977, militant students and organizations gathered to protect and fight for their democratic rights as students during martial law and quickly recognized the need for students to link their struggles with the broad masses of the Filipino people. Thus forming the national democratic, anti-imperialist, youth and student organization: LFS.

LFS-SFSU was established in 1997 after a group of Filipino American youth and students witnessed the work of LFS in the Philippines. LFS-SFSU continues to connect the everyday issues that Filipino American students face with the struggles of our people in the Philippines. Through our annual Baliksambayanan summer exposure trip, we have been successful in sending exposurists to the Philippines to integrate with the various sectors of Philippine society and to gain a firsthand account of the struggles that our people face at the hands of U.S. imperialism, semi-feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

“As we witness the militarization of local police forces in the wake of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri to the continued repression of the people in Palestine by forces of U.S.-backed Israel, we see even clearer the connection to increased militarization in the Philippines now through the U.S.-backed EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement). We commemorate LFS’ 37th year and our own chapter’s 17th anniversary by making a promise to continue in the spirit of militant youth and students, to intensify youth and student organizing, and to continue to fight for genuine liberation and national democracy for Filipinos in the Philippines and throughout the globe.” -Pyxie Castillo, Chairperson, LFS-SFSU.

With the ever rising local, national, and international conflicts engendered by sharpening contradictions in the aftermath of the global economic crisis, we recognize the need for more militant and anti-imperialist youth and students to stand with all peoples struggling for self-determination and liberation from the oppressive and exploitative agents of U.S. imperialism. We stand in solidarity with all LFS chapters throughout the Philippines in celebrating 37 years of militant youth and students, and will continue to arouse, organize, and mobilize against the crumbling system of U.S. imperialism.